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Small dc cooling installation and application of the cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Small heat dc cooling fan is mainly composed of rotor, stator, blades and other auxiliary components ( Such as bearing / / buckle, etc. ) , in the control circuit should have many semiconductor components, now have to receive in one or more IC, also some manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing many models IC supply cooling fan motor control circuit is designed to be used, and its structure is very simple, installation is very convenient. Just by YiRongChuan below small make up to explain it in detail for you small dc cooling installation and application of the cooling fan. A, small dc cooling of the cooling fan installation: in the small heat dc cooling fan sensor installation position should be paid attention to when the choice, the sensor in place, can make the sensor directly clamping in need to the cooling of the surface. In operation, a temperature control of the cooling fan, if small heat dc cooling fan to faster when they feel temperature is higher; And the temperature is lower, will be operating at a lower speed. In the middle of the high and low, heat dissipation dc cooling fan speed will almost will not change by temperature. Small temperature change of heat dissipation dc cooling fan is slow, the cooling fan speed change is slower, not sudden change of the cooling fan speed and noise. The length of the reaction time mainly depends on its sensor for thermal sensitivity. So we in the installation of small heat dc cooling fan must provide enough exhaust air ( Speed) High temperature circumstances, the hot air inside the cooling equipment. When the temperature is lower and the heat flow is less time to do instead of work. Second, the small heat dc cooling fan applications: general small cooling dc cooling fan smaller much used in household appliances industry, mechanical industry, manufacturing industry and other products with ventilation cooling requirements. It basically is to solve the problem of equipment heat dissipation, reduce the equipment working environment temperature, prolong the service life of equipment. However, there is also a part of the equipment using the radiator cooling fan air volume, air pressure to complete equipment functions, such as air table is the use of pressure from the cooling fan can make the ball on the table surface drift. High temperature, dust, air humidity is relatively harsh environments such as running, this will require a full metal high temperature resistant, and dustproof moistureproof function of the cooling fan. This small heat dc cooling fan because of the high technical requirements, the price is relatively high. The above is about the installation and application of small heat dc cooling fan of the related introduction, content from the above we can know the installation convenient use is widely used in various industries of equipment for heat dissipation.
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