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Small dc cooling fan is briefly

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Whenever you open car chassis or household appliance, you will find inside there will be a little boxy or small cooling fan, if the car radiator fan on the cooling fan, we all know that heat radiator fan, household appliances, air conditioning, projectors, small water cooler cooling fan what we call it, may be that everyone is a face of blind but, then here are complemented by small make up for all this knowledge: automobile internal cooling fan and electric cooling fan on the market are collectively referred to as 'radiator cooling fan' but for the sake of more detailed help distinguish them, according to the power supply in different ways, insider it cooling fan and ac dc cooling fan, and what we saw of household electrical appliances, light projection, medical equipment and so on the inside of the cooling fan is called the 'small dc cooling fan,' the principle of small dc cooling fan, is through the hall sensor component as synchronous detection device, control a set of circuit switching winding current order, produce a rotating magnetic field, realize electronic commutation of the electromechanical integration of new cooling fan. Dc motor consists of stator and rotor of two parts. On the stator poles ( Winding type or permanent magnet) , and the rotor winding, after staff for the electricity, also formed on the rotor magnetic field ( The magnetic poles) And an Angle between stator and rotor poles have, in the stator magnetic field ( N pole and S pole) Attract each other, is the motor rotation. Small price of dc cooling fan, generally in 5 yuan to 20 yuan, 40 to 100 yuan between, the specific situation for dc cooling fan, dc cooling fan on the material, size and general situation, material the better the more expensive, the bigger the size the more expensive, followed by the brand, brand bigger than a less known and inferior brand will also be expensive, of course the quality will be better, like normal dc cooling fan brands, is to do mass production, the price is negotiable, specific price is depends on the size of your order, this need not I say more. Second is to choose small dc cooling fan, due to the spread of the cooling fan industry, appeared on the market so many inferior dc cooling fan products. Choose tactic stolen so small make up teach you some. 1. Brand ( Brand guaranteed) 2. Enough thick, no burrs, colour is pure enough, Thick not easily broken, no burrs color pure material) 3. 4 noise, bearing ( Ball more expensive than oil prices, the noise is smaller than the longer life) Above is the knowledge of the small dc cooling fan, through this article, I hope you, if there is not understand place, please pay attention to our company possessing chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing co. , LTD. , all can come to our company consulting, our company is specialized in the research and development production radiator cooling fan, dc cooling fan, fan peng dc dc cooling fan manufacturers. Industry well-known brands, the cooling fan industry in the lead, if you want to order, please look for the 'YiRongChuan'
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