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Silent fan - — Mute cooling fan type selection

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fans are mute is the general customers pay attention to a problem, will be required to provide so-and-so size silent type fan, fan for PQ characteristic curve of the same size, but requires much lower noise, but really have completely silent type cooling fan?

in the first place, the cooling fan noise from fluid, motor noise, mechanical noise, mainly comes from the blades to cut the fluid noise of the wind.

second, cooling fan size, PQ curve, the blades will be similar, rotational speed, also similar to the noise, of course, the international brand, Taiwan brands, domestic brands, compared with the international brand bearings and blades used in design and dynamic balance do relatively better, the noise will be lower, such as demand drop a lot of noise is not realistic.

if you need to drop a lot of noise, need to seek help from cooling fan engineers and other professional people, first of all, the cooling fan don't installed on the equipment, confirm the noise is itself or after the assembly, due to the improper assembly structure disorderly flow noise, secondly, optimize the air duct installation, which in turn by the movements of the equipment required for the measured cooling fan air volume again to the selection of the cooling fan; Below is through test selection 10 dba noise can be reduced.

the so-called silent type fan, professional technical support, according to the wind resistance, action of choosing the most suitable fan, so as to make the best products.

thank you for reading, and do a cooling fan chi automotive professional, professional research and development production of cooling fans, dc fan, centrifugal fan, fan cooling fan manufacturers, have our own r&d team and strongly Japanese SanAce mountain the cooling fan, jamcon kaimei cooling fans, AVC fan, welcome to come to consult, thank you!
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