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[Silent cooling fan] Enjoy a quiet gaming environment

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Many people who eat melons pay attention to the performance of the machine, the configuration and the size of the hard disk memory when buying a desktop car, but do not take into account the noise of the cooling fan. They only found out when they bought it home, assembled it, and turned it on. The noise is like a bellows, the boot is roaring, and it is so noisy, the result is a bewildered face. A quiet environment will make people feel comfortable, but the noise is annoying and annoying, especially at night, when you need to work overtime, the noise will not only not let you calm down to work, but also affect When it comes to the rest of your relatives, then, how to make your car quiet and obedient, without making any noise, let our company [Wenling Tongchi Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.] professional cooling fan technicians teach you some good methods: First, if you want a car to be quiet, you must be equipped with a good silent cooling fan. If the cooling fan is not good enough, then adjust its speed according to your needs until it is submerged in background noise. Pay attention to the specific conditions of each cooling fan. For example, if the air intake fan is facing a hard disk rack with a complicated structure, a lower speed is required to ensure silence. Second, power is very important. Because the power supply cooling fan is usually not replaceable, the power supply must be purchased. The higher the efficiency of the power supply under the same output power, the less heat, the corresponding cooling fan speed required is low (a better power supply adjusts the speed according to the temperature, so this is very important). Try to buy a large-brand 80 Plus silent power supply, which is brand-name and stable. After all, it is long-term use. Third, in addition to the power supply, the hard drive is also one of the sources of noise. Don’t think that if you buy a silent hard drive, the system with AAM set to the lowest 128 is quiet. Even the seek noise of Caviar GP can annoy you in some cases. . According to personal experience, the sound of a soft-connected hard disk is much lower than that of a hard-connected hard disk. Of course, the hard disk must be selected. Now the Caviar Black of WD has the most balanced performance and noise. It is also good to adjust to low speed performance. Don't sacrifice too much disk performance for quietness. Poor system response time sometimes affects emotions more than noise. Fourth, it is the choice of the chassis, the chassis should be as quiet as possible. Bit-tech's reviews always say that the steel case is quieter than the pure aluminum case of the same design, but the tasteful people must not even look down on the P182. Be sure to buy one with a lot of quiet design, side panels, low-speed cooling fans, rubber plug seams... it may cost a lot of money, but it definitely makes sense. Fifth, the most important choice is the cooling fan. The heat dissipation fan is the most heat-generating part of a car. If the heat dissipation capacity of the heat dissipation fan is not strong or the quality is poor, it will not only have a short service life, but also make the car crash, freezes, and noise. So you must buy a brand Yes, the heat dissipation capacity is strong. Big brands like 'Yi Rong Chuan' are very good. Coupled with a good radiator, it can even make the i7 overclocked to 4G cool enough and completely inaudible. It is definitely on. The best choice. Do all of the above, and basically you will not notice the existence of your car. Wenling Tongchi Automotive Air Conditioner is a high-tech enterprise company specializing in Ru0026D, production and sales of cooling fan products. It has a high-quality management talent and technical Ru0026D team, adopts standardized production procedures, implements standardized operations, and has perfect quality Inspection and control, efficient monthly production capacity exceeds 1.3 million units! The cooling fan industry is far ahead in the industry, with excellent quality, thoughtful service, and fast sampling speed. The cooling fan products are highly appreciated by everyone. If necessary, please come to consult and order.
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