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Several major strategies for DC fan noise reduction

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
The noise of DC fans cannot be eliminated. This is also a recognized reality. However, the noise of DC fans of some manufacturers of DC cooling fans is very small. How do they do it? Below, the technicians teach us how to reduce the noise of the DC cooling fan. System resistance: Under normal circumstances, the air inlet and outlet of a cabinet are the largest part of the noise resistance of the system. The greater the airflow, the greater the noise and the greater the system resistance. Therefore, if the noise is to be lower, it must be Adjust the anti-negative system to the lowest. The speed and size of the DC fan: due to the reason that the faster the speed, the greater the noise, the high-speed fan generally has much more noise than the low-speed fan. If the heat dissipation capacity is the same, try to choose a low-speed large-scale DC fan . The raw material of the DC fan: The raw material of the radiator fan determines the noise of the fan when it rolls. Fourth, the power supply voltage: sometimes the unstable voltage can also cause the noise of the fan to increase. The higher the voltage, the greater the noise. On the contrary, the noise is lower. Planning of electric fans: The planning of electric fans can not only determine the durability of electric fans, but is still one of the norms to measure the quality of an electric fan. A good cooling electric fan has a very precise plan. The number of electric fan blades and the size of the frame The planning and the distance between the parts of the electric fan and the size of the electric fan are just right, which can not only increase the life of the DC fan, but also reduce the noise of the electric fan.
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