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Select heat dc cooling fan to consider?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling dc cooling fan, as we all know, is a kind of important modern industrial machinery cooling device, it is composed of stator and rotor and commutator of three parts, its basic structure by general motors, bearings, blade, shell ( The fixed hole) A few parts, power plug and wire. Cooling dc cooling fan working principle and application according to different power supply mode, the machine has two types of dc motor and ac motor. So you know choose cooling dc cooling fan to consider? By YiRongChuan below small make up to you briefly. Select heat dc cooling fan to consider are: 1, heat dissipation dc cooling fan speed: heat dc cooling fan rotational speed and power is the bigger the better, the higher the speed, the greater the wind, heat dissipation function is better. But high speed can cause high vibration and noise will follow, and rotational speed, the higher the cooling fan also has a great influence on service life. 2, heat dissipation dc cooling fan material: popular material in the market now has two kinds of aluminum and plastic. The material of aluminum radiator fan is generally ac cooling fan, ac cooling fan heat dissipation performance is low, air volume is small, the material of heat dissipation dc cooling fan is a plastic commonly. 3, heat dissipation dc cooling fan power: the power of the bigger the light bulb, sound box, the greater the power of the ring that heat dc cooling fan power, the nature of the stronger the wind, the wind big heat dissipation function is better, so we should combine material and working principle of dc cooling cooling fan to comprehensive comparison and choice. 4, heat dissipation dc cooling fan performance: heat dc cooling fan must be able to provide enough displacement ( The rotational speed) , under the high temperature of cooling device in hot air, when the hot air temperature is lower or less heat flow, it worked as a reverse. 5, choose good heat dissipation dc cooling fan brands: users in the selection of time tend to overlook that, a lot of the poor quality of cooling fan in the use of a less known and inferior brand after a period of time, due to the bearing wear serious, resulting in a lot of noise, not only affects the service life of the cooling fan, and still make you upset when using, so it is recommended that you choose good quality brand name products. The above is to choose cooling dc cooling fan from several aspects to consider, we learned above, after buying cooling dc cooling fan you should know how to choose!
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