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S dc blower manufacturer s products is so let your longing

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
S dc blower manufacturer s products is so let your longing.
in the production of fan is mainly composed of the following six parts: the motor, air filter, blower, air chamber, the base of ontology, And fuel tank) , drip nozzle. Blower run by cylinder offset in the rotor eccentricity, and between the blades of the rotor slot of volume change in air, compressed, spit out. Using the pressure difference between the blower in operation automatic lubrication to drip nozzle, drop into the cylinder to reduce friction and noise, and can keep the gas inside the cylinder does not return, this kind of blower is also called sliding-vane blower.
blower medium to clean air, clean gas, sulphur dioxide and other inert gases. Can also be on-demand production conveying inflammable, explosive, easy corrosion and other toxic and special gas. Thus can be widely used in metallurgical, chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical, food, building materials, petroleum, mine, textile, gas station, pneumatic conveying, sewage treatment and so on various industrial departments.

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