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Rules for the safe use of car cooling fans

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
A heat dissipation fan is a device that converts electrical energy into air kinetic energy. Its main function is to dissipate the heat of mechanical products. Many products are equipped with heat dissipation fans (such as car mainframes). Many devices have insufficient heat dissipation capacity (or generate heat). The heat energy is too fast) and the heat cannot be dissipated in time. This situation will cause the product to generate high heat energy during the continuous use of the product, which will cause the internal components of the product to be directly damaged. A heat sink must be used to dissipate heat. Fan (small), the external radiator is a kind of cooling fan. So what should I pay attention to when using the cooling fan? The following is the answer from the Wenling cooling fan manufacturer-Tongchi Automotive Air Conditioning Technician: First, the use environment: the surrounding air must be circulated, and the space must be large enough. During operation, especially when downloading and playing large games, the interior The cooling fan runs faster and faster, the temperature will become higher and higher, causing the car to become hot, and the internal space itself is small, if it is placed in a small space with no air circulation, even if the internal cooling fan The heat can be dissipated, but the temperature of the outside air cannot be lowered. This will cause the heat dissipation fan to fail to dissipate heat and cause damage to the heat dissipation fan. Second, regular cleaning and refueling: Even the best parts can not withstand the wear and tear of years, and regular maintenance is also very important for the cooling fan. Appropriate oiling and dust removal can extend the life of the cooling fan. Thirdly, do not move after booting. During operation, internal parts will run with it. If you move the car from time to time, it will not only damage the internal hard disk and cause bad sectors, but also make the cooling fan rotate unevenly and unbalanced. , Over time, it will shift the center of gravity of rotation and cause damage. Fourth, do not block the air outlet, do not put it on the quilt or cloth, it is easy to block the air outlet, and easy to stick to dust, if the place is unstable or humid, you can buy a cooling fan online The base can help the bottom to dissipate heat and strengthen the heat dissipation capacity, and it is more convenient to place. The above is the safe use of the cooling fan. I hope it will be helpful to you. If there are other related questions, please pay attention to our Wenling ‘Yi Rongchuan’ Electronics. Our company is a professional manufacturer of cooling fans and automobile cooling fans, a well-known domestic brand, more than ten years of manufacturing experience, and the products are exported to foreign countries. Free sample delivery, first-class quality and service, welcome to cooperate.
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