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Renewable energy photovoltaic inverter operating life of the internal device cooling fans

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Reverse power structure will happen in the future, renewable energy and energy storage reversal will happen in the future, they will emerge, the advantages of the replacement of traditional energy will, as is known to all, represented by pv inverter, wind power, renewable energy is indirect, in 2020, is the development trend of energy storage stability of the rise, and album of electrochemical energy storage project put into operation by the end of 2020 the total size of 2833. Indispensable for 7 w, will become a key technology.

photovoltaic inverter and wind power is the design life of 20 years, affect the service life of them are mainly internal components, internal cooling fan strike, so the machine can't run, Japanese mountain the long life of the cooling fan can meet the demand, the mountain long life fan can be used for 20 years, free maintenance, the cooling fan through the adoption of aluminium alloy door frame, aluminum alloy bearing, reduce the temperature rise of bearing around, thereby realizing the long life, ordinary standard fan fan box and brass bearing seat is resin.

chi automotive professional agent SanAce mountain the cooling fan, focus on the cooling fan areas, to provide professional technical support, product collaborative design according to user needs, provide the overall cooling solutions.
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