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Radiator cooling fan with various diode triode has what function

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The role of heat dissipation of the cooling fan 1, triode transistor is enlarged or switch or adjustment. 2, it can press the semiconductor substrate material divided into PNP and NPN, 3, divided into 3 B ( The base) , C ( The collector) , E ( Emitter) , both PNP and NPN, extremely extremely are all controlled B. 4, triode also have very big pressure value, great power, and magnification, so try to avoid a small cart, otherwise the consequences could be very serious. 5, triode in the circuit symbol is 'n' or 'Q' or 'V'. 6, detection method using special equipment or multimeter. Also can use special fixture checked. Cooling of the cooling fan diode belongs to semiconductor diodes, it consists of N type semiconductor and P type semiconductor, they intersect to form a p-n junction in the interface. The main characteristics of diode is single wizard, and reverse blocking, so it is important to the direction of the diodes. Diode in the circuit symbol for the 'DVD' or 'D', zener diodes symbols for 'lh-zd', light-emitting diode LED. From diodes on the role of the classification can be divided into: rectifier diodes, step-down diodes, zener diodes, switching diodes, rectification diodes, varactor diodes; From making materials can be divided into silicon diode and germanium diodes. From packaging forms can be divided into SMD and DIP. General SMD is expensive. 3 v is a diode to the taisho voltage - — That is when the voltage whatever voltage to rise ( Not higher than the rated voltage value of the diode) With the voltage on the diode also won't rise again. The different function of different diodes: there are a lot of rectifier diodes, four is the role of rectifier diodes into 300 v dc 220 v alternating current transformation, also is the bridge rectifier circuit is the inscription, but now has to integrate these four diodes into a silicon stack. Diodes are allowed by the current and pressure values, so only withstand voltage value is higher than the actual voltage diodes can be at ease use, no current is greater than nominal value at the same time. Zener diodes are also common, it can be high voltage stability to its rated voltage value, but its connection and diodes are opposite, because it is counter to the principle of using. Zener diodes theory may length is too long, so just do introduction, the smaller the reverse leakage current, you just remember that the diode, the better, the quality of good quality silicon tube between several milliampere cause milliampere, germanium in dozens of milliampere between several hundred milliampere.
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