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Radiator cooling fan specifications have?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
With the continuous development of industrial production technology, the factory in order to improve the production efficiency, usually in large quantities to buy all kinds of machinery and equipment, and to extend the service life of equipment, radiator cooling fan is one of many factories use Settings, with the radiator cooling fan product specifications more and more, a lot of people don't know how to choose to suit oneself product specifications of the cooling fan, radiator cooling fan what are the specifications? By YiRongChuan professionals to introduce below. Heat dissipation of the specifications of the cooling fan parameters: the heat dissipation of the cooling fan sizes from 8 mm to 280 mm, voltage is 5 v, 12 v, 24 v, 48 v, 110 v, 220 v, 380 v, the shape has square, round, olive shape, etc. 1, current: usually A digital page on behalf of the fan RPM is higher, the greater the calculating unit for 【 一个】 Ampere. 2, circuit power: under normal circumstances blades higher revolution represents the wattage is, the greater the calculating unit for 【 W】 Watt. 3, air volume, the greater the number represents the better air flow and calculating unit for 【 CFM】 ( Cubic Feet per Minute Cubic Feet per Minute) 。 4, wind pressure, the greater the number represents the wind pressure, the more trouble, calculating unit for 【 mm - H2O】 ( Physical gas unit, mm water column) 。 5, blade revolution: RPM and the vibration of the cooling fan, the wind there is a close relationship between sound and operating noise, calculating unit for 【 RPM】 ( The rotation times/min) 。 6, voltage: standard voltage of DC12V of computer cooling fan, on the factory specifications and with home quiet need to 7 v or 5 v. Cooling fan speed will slow down, sound bearing, the wind cutting sound less noise, such as return air volume and air pressure is also reduced, calculating unit for 【 V】 Volts. Described above is the content of the radiator cooling fan of the specifications of the parameters, in addition, the radiator cooling fan is widely used in computers, communications products, photoelectric products, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical devices, heaters, car air-conditioner, traditional or modern equipment, such as environmental protection equipment, knowledge of the specifications of the radiator cooling fan late believe everyone can be a good choice when the choose and buy suits own radiator cooling fan products.
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