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Radiator cooling fan operation will produce noise you know to solve this problem

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan noise size in the minds of many users, no matter what kind of radiator cooling fan operation will produce noise, between 0 ~ 40 dba is people can allow noise limits, just as the heat dissipation of the cooling fan noise of running time is long, will be able to reduce noise in the use of the cooling fan, initially selected radiator cooling fan. In meet the conditions of heat dissipation, try to choose low speed, large size of the cooling fan, common low speed, large size of the cooling fan with high speed is small compared to the cooling fan, walked the same noise when air volume is small, the height of the radiator cooling fan switch power supply voltage are important, the hazard of fan noise voltage the high-speed rotating or the birth, the greater the vibration also, so the noise is born. Radiator cooling fan in encountered in the operation of air flow noise, especially the important range of inlet and outlet should avoid obstacles, decreasing noise, needed for the cooling of the cooling fan cooling air volume and allow the temperature rise is inversely proportional to, allow the temperature rise of rose slightly, the necessary air volume are greatly reduced, so slightly loosen the restriction force temperature rises, the necessary air volume, noise is also reduced. Wenling city chi automotive air conditioning technology co. , LTD was founded in 2002 in wen ling, is a focus on research and development, production, sales, radiator cooling fan of high-tech enterprises. Produced dc cooling fans, ac cooling fan, blower, waterproof/dustproof cooling fan, EC conversion and the cooling fan, radiator dc cooling fan, car radiator cooling fan, mute radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan, turbo cooling fan, dc dc cooling fan, centrifugal fan, blower, air blower factory, new energy dc cooling fan, brushless motor, etc. , has been widely used in: communications equipment, UPS power supply, medical equipment, electric welding machine, industrial control equipment, household electrical appliances, air purification industry, automobile industry, projectors, beauty equipment, sports equipment, and other areas of the industry. YiRongChuan company has a high-quality management personnel and technical research and development team, the company has been committed to the standardization management, and strictly enforce the ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016 quality management system standards. About 120 excellent rust assembly staff, used the standardized production process, the implementation of standardized grass, the monthly output of about 1. 2 million units, make the monthly production capacity of more than 2 million units. And have perfect quality inspection control process of ce test, spring surface to ensure product reliability and stability. Company to customer demand and needs as the guidance, in order to better serve global customers, YiRongChuan radiator cooling fan has obtained a series of authoritative certification: CE, FCC, UL, ROHS, etc.
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