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Radiator cooling fan of the common faults and solution

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan is very common in our daily life, the application is very extensive, but in use process will inevitably appear some fault, so what are the common faults? How should solve? Cooling cooling fan common faults and its solution heat radiator fan common faults are: a, when the heat radiator fan rotates in use, sometimes heard a bump in the 'man', sometimes not. Turned out to be in the radiator cooling fan with messy wires and power cords, sometimes thrum encountered the cooling fan blades and cause the heat dissipation of the cooling fan rotates, the abnormal sound. Solution: use such as elastic, tape paper half cooling fan inside the cable, power cord strapped up, avoid the pass through the top of the radiator cooling fan. Second, fault phenomenon and the radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan early normal use, can be close to a period of time suddenly found that the cooling fan automatically move a fixed position, after the check, the original fixed radiator button failure, due to the resonance phenomenon caused by the cooling fan rotation, led to the displacement of the cooling fan. Solution: to replace the new buckle. Three, radiator cooling fan when use the characteristics of noisy noise suddenly, even larger than the noise of the chassis power, this is because the cooling surface of the cooling fan and radiator gap gathered too much dust. The cooling fan motor lubricating oil has completely dried up, so caused the roar of the motor. Solution: we could start with the radiator cooling fan and radiator, radiator directly with tap water wash. Wipe with a soft paper first radiator cooling fan, aperture of available medical sign a wipe. Open the cooling fan plastic stickers, using ordinary sewing machine oil into the machine core a drop or two drops. Four, some radiator cooling fan with less than a week if there is too much noise, and the rotation not free until the phenomenon. The speed of the cooling fan just boot fruit is slow, and the noise is bigger, a period of time and then returned to normal, the reasons for this kind of case is generally because radiator cooling fan of the indoor temperature is low, cause the rotation bearing lubricating failure. Solution: to radiator cooling fan into the antifreeze lubricating oil, and pay attention to using the environment temperature, and pay attention to maintain it. So when in use at ordinary times have to be the maintenance for it, so as to prolong the service life of the radiator cooling fan.
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