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Radiator cooling fan of splashing of oil was why?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
As the heat dissipation of the cooling fan technology continues to advance, heat dissipation of the cooling fan technology performance has completely reached a mature stage, and gradually with new technology, there are also some radiator cooling fan adopted some very special design, with by applying the technique and technology of the updates, better meet the needs of users, can effectively reduce the equipment working environment temperature. But the radiator cooling fan will inevitably be used for a long time all sorts of problems, on the section to share the radiator cooling fan isn't to do, I believe you met knew about how to solve this problem. You know it of splashing of oil was why? Unveiled by YiRongChuan technicians for everybody below. We all know that the cooling of the cooling fan bearing need individual parts are lubricating oil. Is our common lubricant oil, however, the oil and divide class. Which points have high, medium and low three gears of the oil. So what is the difference between this in gear oil? First, the low oil, it is more thin, pour out, may be like water, but the color is a bit yellow, also volatile. And high-grade oil viscosity is better, not easy also evaporate by air. To make it longer. Lubricating oil is the cooling of the cooling fan will be used to, less lubricating oil and add the radiator cooling fan is related the quality of the cooling fan. Less oil, it can make the life of the cooling fan will reach 2 w h. And another case, is the oil added, then the radiator cooling fan in operation, is likely to be oil is thrown out. From this we can see clearly that the cooling fan to jilt oil is divided into two situations, respectively is: radiator cooling fan label to jilt oil; Oil radiator cooling fan page. There reasons: first to jilt oil mainly because oil seal cover of rubber seal, but too little. Because the label is used by itself with sticky, after you tear off label, oil seal cover has been pulled out. When you didn't pay attention to stick labels to return again, can appear the possibility of a leak. In the second to jilt reasons for oil: the main oil is too much. And then there is the oil is too thin. What can we learn from the above content to jilt oil radiator cooling fan happen is a variety of reasons, so to be more careful when using, should try to avoid the emergence of this situation, so that the cooling cooling fan for better heat dissipation.
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