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Radiator cooling fan noise reduction methods

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
With the unceasing change of working condition and environment temperature, many devices are in high temperature, dust, air humidity is relatively harsh environments such as running, therefore many industry needs to be applied to the radiator cooling fan to reduce the equipment working environment temperature, prolong its service life. A lot of people in the use of heat cooling fan will find the cooling radiator fan always annoying noise, so should be how to reduce the heat dissipation of the cooling fan noise? Radiator cooling fan noise reduction methods: methods, buffer shock: for power supply, the need to position not only only is shockproof radiator cooling fan and ground connection between the power, and connection between power supply and chassis, in addition to fixed strong outside, also can increase in the contact position thin cloth, rubber gasket, such as buffer, so that can buy power supply shock products specially. Method 2, avoid dust: after the completion of the stick label back, avoid dust, and then the cooling cooling fan and power supply restoration. For the cooling fan don't use the oil filling, poor land oil not only to the lubrication, it will accelerate the bearing wear, so we'd better is to choose the special products may be able to use high quality sewing machine oil replacement. Method three, cleaning the dust in the radiator cooling fan: we'll be removed from the chassis for the power supply, open the power supply to the shell, cooling fan landed, find the cooling dust collection to position on the cooling fan blade, with a soft brush to clean up clean it. Clean up after completion of work, in the middle of the heat radiator fan positively usually will appear the volume, the volume label uncovered the bearing can be seen the cooling fan, dip in with toothpicks lubricating points on the bearing, be careful of oil to the right. Method four, and changing the mute power radiator cooling fan: the user can also consider a change in silent power may be the cooling fan, the current market there are a lot of quiet power, the power usually after strictly detection, can effectively reduce the power supply noise. Also to be able to power to change for better heat dissipation cooling fan, switch power supply cooling fan is simple in process, the key is to look out the cooling fan and power supply connection part. Radiator cooling fan noise reduction methods to introduce you to this, learned above, several methods for prolonging the life of the radiator cooling fan also has a great help!
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