Professional manufacturing and production of radiator cooling fans, condenser fans and fan motors, etc.

Radiator cooling fan manufacturer what, which is the best quality, the famous enough

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan manufacturer has a lot of, but to say the brand and quality, there is no best, only better contrast, small make up today to share a professional manufacturer of the cooling fan of

wen ling tong chi technology co. , LTD. - focus on the DC/AC/EC axial flow fan is the research and development and production of professional manufacturers, with independent brand of XFS - FAN。

wen ling tong chi technology co. , LTD. , founded in 2001, has tong chi technology co. , LTD. , zhejiang manufacturing research and development base is located in wenling city baoan district longhua new district snow hillock fengtian innovation industrial park 2 / f, 308 north road, has its own factory building area of 3600 square meters, production workshop for air conditioning dust-free workshop.

brushless dc fan and over the years the company is committed to r&d and manufacture of ac fan, and factory has passed ISO9001 management system certification, UL, CE, TUV, ROHS
CCC and other international safety certification, in 2008 to implement ROHS ( Lead-free) Process, the production of dc fan, ac fans, blowers, cross flow fan, waterproof EC fan, fan, purifier fan, has widely used in all kinds of electronic products, mechanical equipment, power supply, medical treatment, purifier, stage lighting, automobile, refrigeration and heat transfer, beauty equipment, sports equipment, LED lamps and lanterns, stage lighting equipment and so on more than 60 industry and other fields.

company to 'science and technology and quality' as the core, adhering to the 'highest pursuit of customer satisfaction, ensure the strongest competitiveness' for the purpose, to 'build quality' of the science and technology as the core competitiveness, to create maximum value for customers; Excellent technical strength, advanced testing equipment, strict quality management system, excellent quality and competitive price, win customers constantly.

the company has passed ISO9001
the quality assurance system; Products have won the FCC, ROHS, CE, CCC and so on many international and national certification, further perfecting the wind source products from research and development, production, assembly and after-sales service each link of quality requirements; Company strong design and development ability and perfect custom service, coupled with a variety of product size, specifications, let the customer to choose the best, the most suitable cooling products

what a cooling fan manufacturer, which is the best quality, the famous enough, small make up recommend gucci
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