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Radiator cooling fan manufacturer to tell you the waterproof heat cooling fan what effect is there?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The cooling fan manufacturer study found: waterproof cooling fan cooling fan with high degree of protection. In the application conditions ( Water/salt fog corrosion/oil/gas) Heat conduction and thermal radiation can't meet the demand of cooling demand, cooling fan forced convection and necessary guarantee long-term effective cooling demand, cooling fan itself protection request product necessary to ascend.

to solve the problem of cooling fan waterproof: USES the special glue to seal the edge paint on the whole the motor stopped local comprehensive seal, such as different fan r&d team from time to time, to explore, experiment, made waterproof cooling fans.

waterproof cooling fan:
1. After drying sealed insulating liquid coating soaked the motor.
  2. The insulating liquid coating after soaking effect of vacuum coating insulation plan and features have difference
3. Method is simple, the process is simple: seal coating thickness is differ, easy to have bubble, pressure difference, destroy sealing assembly and easy operation.
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