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Radiator cooling fan is how connection?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan, is a widely used in communications products, consumer electronics, automobile electronics, medical devices, heaters, ATM, automobile air-conditioner, induction cooker, audio equipment, environmental protection equipment, such as instrument equipment cooling device. According to radiator cooling fan manufacturers, cooling the working principle of the cooling fan is implemented according to the energy conversion, namely: the electrical energy to electromagnetic energy, mechanical energy to kinetic energy. The circuit principle generally divided into a variety of forms, the circuit is different, the performance of the cooling fan will have difference. Last time for you what types of radiator cooling fan are introduced, then today to share how radiator cooling fan wiring. Radiator cooling fan wiring steps: 1, identify the cooling radiator fan category model, used in the identification of the product lug is consistent with the required products. 2, identify enameled wire line diameter, whether to agree with all the requirements specifications, can't lug into the corner of the enameled wire on the side. 3, open the radiator cooling fan power switch, check the machine shown in the model must be consistent with winding products. 4, enameled wire from around the groove wear out, into the trimming knife edge, the stator set into the mould. 5, according to the blade motion direction, distinguish the lugs on the positive and negative. June and will have circled good nail removed from the mould, check whether there is a single slot, and plastic in the plastic box. After more than 7, the connection of steps are finished, can open the start switch, detection of the workings of the heat dissipation of the cooling fan. Heat dissipation of the cooling fan wiring steps to share here, from the above content we can know the wiring method is not very difficult, and we pay special attention to is that cannot be used when the wiring fault enameled wire, the lug into the trough when should pay attention to its stability, line can't run qualification slots.
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