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Radiator cooling fan installed small knowledge

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
IT must have more talent and game enthusiasts, always in the face of such a problem, in the use of the car, radiator cooling fan to fail, need to change the car's radiator cooling fan, online purchase back but I do not know how to install. Below by wen ling tong chi automotive air conditioning technicians to teach you how to install the cooling cooling fan, how to install the effect best? Installation radiator cooling fan inside the case need to see the air flow in the distribution of heat source in the chassis, radiator cooling fan cooling fan in the general case is in the front of the chassis, the cold air will be used to inhaled blown over to the main board, finally through the power radiator cooling fan, the formation of convection. Considering air flow problem, the car before and after the effect is best and a radiator cooling fan, into a diagonal direction distribution, then the entire chassis cooling effect is good. Chassis front radiator cooling fan to blow inside, the back of the radiator cooling fan to blow out. The choice of power supply can be said to be the top priority. The power of the heat dissipation problem is also very important, temperature on the stability of the power supply is also plays a decisive role. Say to the power of heat dissipation, have to mention again radiator cooling fan. Cooling of the cooling fan is good or not directly affects the power of heat dissipation, it is needless to say, and the power of the radiator cooling fan size also is very important. General case there are two places that can hold the cooling fan, generally in the hard drive bracket, in front of the back of the general below the power supply, keyboard above the mouth. Higher sale price of chassis factory have packed 1 ~ 2 cooling fan. When installing a chassis radiator cooling fan, should follow the principle of air flow. If, after installation of radiator cooling fan forward this case inside the wind after the road to the former's rules; If radiator cooling fan installed upside down, junior before go out or junior, due to the power supply cooling also out of the wind cooling fan, can cause chaos wind path. When only install a chassis radiator cooling fan, the watch is for hard disk radiator or for engine cooling, depending on your cooling requirements. Many chassis factory to send the radiator cooling fan behind is the default in a heat radiator fan, and convulsions, it makes sense. Knowledge is the small radiator cooling fan installed above, wen ling chi automotive air conditioning is also one of the most famous Chinese radiator cooling fan manufacturer, specializing in the production of radiator cooling fan, radiator dc cooling fan, cooling fan, industrial cooling fan order and specifications. Decade Taiwan companies test, two days can sample, price consulting: 18923728252.
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