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Radiator cooling fan hundreds of you is how to choose the style

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Along with the advance of electronic technology, we need to use more and more heat radiator fan equipment. Radiator cooling fan's main function is to solve the problem of overheating in the operation of the product. There are so many places in our life has its application. Gradually, it has become an indispensable auxiliary equipment. Let's talk about radiator cooling fan is mainly used on those products. Used in the LED lamps and lanterns, UPS power supply, monitor, car chargers, household appliances, power amplifier stereo, electric welding machine, power equipment, sports bao jian, medical equipment, new energy vehicles, commercial electrical appliances, air purification machine, and so on. 。 。 。 。 。 Although the radiator cooling fan used in many places, but a lot of radiator cooling fan manufacturer is almost no inventory, you know why? Today we will give you analysis analysis what causes 1. Not radiator cooling fan manufacturer even can't find a cooling fan samples, but can not find the specifications of the customer requirements, or specification requirements of the customer, to find one or two sets of cooling fan can still commonly. 2. Because radiator cooling fan manufacturer clients are production and processing factories, also only factory will demand a lot of cooling fan, so, the supplier of radiator cooling fan manufacturer customer requirement is very strict, there are strict specifications, test report. As we often say tailored by customer. So, when customers to sample, must have been some of the requirements, and more captious, strive to achieve more ideal state. 3. Radiator cooling fan size, mould a lot, it is estimated that hundreds of money, have to open the mould cooling cooling fan, certainly also often have production, is the production quantity some more, some less, so, if each kind of mold do ball bearing according to its own standards, 12 v, transit, warehouse is put dozens of Taiwan, 10 a few boxes, and this only accounts for one 6 of our standard specification, because the radiator cooling fan and 5 v, 24 v, have high, low, oil bearing. The 10 samples of a few boxes, will deliver a year also afraid to send up, more precise request, only a small part, to a ready-made, very urgent. So, radiator cooling fan do inventory sample is inappropriate.
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