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Radiator cooling fan function explanation

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Purchasing radiator cooling fan, often heard some function place, let us feel a little heat cooling fan has so many functions, may not be very understand what you mean, but unknown Shirley, today small make up take you know about the heat dissipation of the cooling fan features reconciliation say ~ motor protection: plugging turn lock current protection, fan stuck when zero current material certification: glass fiber reinforced plastic, PBT, shell product certification: CE, UL, ROHS certification, such as expected life: L10 life 30000 hours to 25 ℃ 50000 hours of bearing structure: hydraulic bearing & amp; Ball bearing & amp; A single ball bearing & amp; Oil-retaining bearing rotation direction: wind discharge from the scaffold, in the face of the rotor counterclockwise connection mode: + red line Black line ( Special circumstances plus 2 lines) Polarity protection: when is negative two lines into the cooling fan is not current speed monitoring: micro cooling fan is running, the third line will give a speed signal, tell the system at this time of the micro cooling fan speed value waterproof function: micro cooling fan in a moist environment, environment or wet rain, there will be no rust, do not turn, and so on and so forth automatically start: electricity, cooling fan is blocked, the cooling fan will automatically cut off power supply alarm function: micro cooling fan does not turn, will give an alarm system, facilitate timely find the reason why we have learned, after watching the more knowledge of the radiator cooling fan, welcome attention 'radiator cooling fan manufacturer _ chi car air conditioning'. Professional research and development production of miniature radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, dc cooling fan, blower, turbine, dc cooling fan, radiator cooling fan brand manufacturers, quality first-class, considerate service, free proofing, directly or indirectly to welcome you all to come to consult.
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