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Radiator cooling fan common problem how to solve

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan common problem how to solve along with the progress of The Times, the car has become the most popular product of sell like hot cakes, of course people have car problems are more and more, one of the most serious way a car radiator fan, main board of the heat dissipation problem. A car if cooling is not timely, or any problems will lead to burn out the cooling fan overheating. The power supply temperature is too high. The whole system collapse, if not handled in time, even can cause fires, causing unexpected losses. The radiator cooling fan what common problems? A common problem: the time is not long, appears too much noise, and the rotation is not smooth, stuck from time to time, stagnation phenomenon such as fixed. Then you have to take note. Thought is the cooling fan motor problem, replace the same use for a period of time after the cooling fan is still appear the phenomenon. After analysis and original radiator cooling fan of the indoor temperature is low, cause the rotation bearing lubricating failure. Processing method: remove the cooling fan, cooling fan cooling fan with a little oil, and this is also affected by the environment, should always pay attention to, the host place where the temperature is too high not ventilation common problem two: buy a new car, in order to test whether to use, has been switched on, hang up for a long time, to see if there will be a problem. 。 Go out to buy food back, found that car black screen, restart, there is no reaction, car repair shop, found that because of the automatic energy saving function in the motherboard BIOS opened. Automatic system for a long time no response, hangs, the cooling fan cooling fan stalling causes high temperature of the cooling fan and burn 'resin'. Processing method: in the BOSS interface to Suspend mode is set to closed three common problem, use after a period of time after the repair, suddenly found that the cooling fan cooling cooling fan drops at the bottom of the chassis, open the case to see, the original fixed buckle with the failure of radiator, the resonance phenomenon caused by the cooling fan rotation, led to the displacement of the cooling fan. Processing method: to replace the new buckle, fixed well. 。 Common problem four: with several years' worth of old cars, found that there is always a lot of noise, the buzz has been, harsh, sometimes have seriously affected the mood on the Internet, sometimes the others on the Internet, rest will be affected. Take screwdriver to open the chassis, and found a dusty on the radiator cooling fan, motor oil. So just hum the sound. 。 Methods: take down the cooling fan and radiator, radiator directly wash clean with water. Radiator cooling fan with soft paper to wipe, first in the middle of the gap with medical small swab or cloth to wipe. Open the plastic sticker on the reverse of the cooling fan, using ordinary sewing machine oil drip into the machine core 1 to 2 drops. It is ok to add some cream grease. 。 Above car radiator fan cooling fan often encountered problems and solutions, tell you, as a share, if you still encountered other problems, can you give me a message, we discuss together. 。
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