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Radiator cooling fan cleaning tips

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Car radiator cooling fan to use time is too long, it naturally will be covered with dust, and a little common sense will know, radiator cooling fan require periodic inspection and cleaning dust, because if the radiator cooling fan above the accumulation of too much dust, will lead to a difficult radiator cooling fan rotation, transfer velocity is less than standard, the worst situation is the cooling fan is completely stopped, will cause a bad car radiator to auto run card machine, reboot, crash, automatic shutdown, and so on fault, to high-grade car, paraprofessionals, are generally go in the car shop regularly to clean, is also more expensive, and for ordinary desktop cars, clear the dust is far from the cooling fan so complicated, there would be no need to take to the car shop clean up, the following is by possessing the cooling fan manufacturer 【 Chi automotive air conditioning 】 Technician to teach you some radiator cooling fan cleaning tips, let everybody can diy cleaning dust, save some unnecessary hair pin and trouble: the first step: disassembly car radiator cooling fan cooling cooling fan is commonly with four fixed screw lock in the chassis or motherboard, of course, some of them are using circlip stuck, use a screwdriver gently under fixed cooling fan screws, then remove the radiator, top, and then carefully remove the radiator fin with neutral cleaning solution to clean, neutral solution can be replaced with ordinary detergent, with xiaomao finally soft cleaning tools such as brush and brush inside the radiator to sweep the dust cleaning, after the completion of the drying. It is important to note that in the process of dismantling must light, don't be too hard, are commonly used to fixed radiator cooling fan of small parts are very crisp, once too quick or too hard will lead to damaged parts, that thed loss outweights the gain, be sure to take your time. Step 2: give radiator cooling fan refuels some time too long the radiator cooling fan, rail bearing within the oil must be in the dry state, then we need to use dry cotton dips in take a small amount of alcohol to wipe off the dust on the blade, then the center of the radiator cooling fan there will be a product of small labels, this small label is blocking dust and water damage effect, but also add lubricant, tear open the seal of the cooling fan opposite, to point a few drops of lubricating oil, cooling fan bearings are divided into oil bearing and ball bearing, lubricating oil can be substituted for sewing machine oil. Step 3: put back the best after cooling cooling fan to put heat sink after drying the lid with the cooling fan, heat sink and cooling fan after cleaning, use screw twist. Device clean good to make heat radiator fan looks old rid of thermal conductive silicone, coated with a new good radiator thermal conductive silicon device, plug in the power supply plug. 吗? 吗? 吗? Finally: is the cooling fan and try not to have a shelter, increase the cooling fan running time. Often do maintenance, including cleaning dust, to the cooling fan axis machine lubricating oil. 吗? Above is the radiator cooling fan cleaning tips, hope can help to you, if you have not understand place, can focus on 'YiRongChuan' our company is professional development and production of radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, dc fan cooling cooling fan peng brand merchants.
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