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Radiator cooling fan blades affect performance?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan believe that everyone can use, general consumer is buying the cooling of the cooling fan, main is to see the air cooling fan speed, size, current voltage power noise. Few people noticed the radiator cooling fan blades. In fact the radiator cooling fan leaf for radiator cooling fan performance has a great influence. Below YiRongChuan technician is to introduce the radiator cooling fan blades affect performance? 1, leaf number, normally in order to guarantee the balance of the radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan blade number is an odd number like 5, 7, 11, because if use the even symmetrical shape door leaf, it is difficult to hold good balance, it is easy to make the cooling fan resonance occurs, for a long time, will cause the blades or bearing fracture, so the radiator cooling fan blades design for asymmetric odd. 2, blade pitch radiator cooling fan blade pitch affects air flow. If blade distance is too small, can lead to air flow and increase friction on the surface of the blade, affect the cooling fan speed; If blade distance is too big, will lead to the cooling fan increases the pressure loss, air pressure, air volume is not enough. 3, radiator cooling fan blade Angle under the same speed, if the blade Angle is larger, the greater the fluctuation of wind pressure on the surface of the leaf. The cooling fan on the surface pressure, may produce backflow phenomenon, reduce the performance of the cooling fan. So the cooling fan blade Angle to the reasonable design. 4, and blade curvature radiator cooling fan in a certain range, if the blade curvature, the greater the same speed, the greater the kinetic energy of gas, air volume and air pressure, the greater the at the same time, the resistance of blade is, the greater the required motor torque is bigger. 5, the smoothness of blade smoothness radiator cooling fan blade, is also a factor affecting the quality of radiator cooling fan. The smoothness of blade depends on the die forming and post-processing technology of manufacturer, if the blade is not smooth level off, can produce turbulent flow in the process of operation, increase friction, cooling fan noise is bigger, affect the cooling fan performance. About cooling heat dissipation fan blade what's impact on the performance, is introduced to here today. There are many factors influencing the radiator cooling fan performance, consumer is when the choose and buy is not necessarily can everything notice carefully, so you can choose to have the strength of radiator cooling fan manufacturers, safe and reliable to ensure the quality of the radiator cooling fan.
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