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Radiator cooling fan bearing technology have?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan commonly applied in various industries, cooling and dust removal for different devices such as function, extend the service life of the equipment, to the greatest extent is indispensable auxiliary products. Usually radiator cooling fan can run normally is mainly determined by its bearing, so heat radiator fan bearing technology is what? Now follow YiRongChuan technician to understand it. Radiator cooling fan bearing technology: 1. Oil bearing oil bearing is the most common use of a radiator cooling fan bearings. It is through the lubricating oil as lubricant, radiator cooling fan running smooth. Advantages: the price is relatively cheap, using the early stage of the noise is low. Weakness: the oil bearing use after a long time, the oil in the bearing sleeve is easy to leak out, led to a gradual increase in noise, pollution may also be other accessories. Also bearing is easy to wear and short service life. 2. Double ball bearing double ball bearings used two ball bearings, the rolling friction is used to replace the traditional sliding friction, so the friction is small, do not need lubricating oil, also can run smoothly, avoids the problem of oil leakage. Its advantage is: good anti-aging properties, service life is very long, suitable for high speed of cooling fan. Defect is high manufacturing costs also can become, can't solve the problem of noise. 3. Single ball bearings and ball bearings is improved on traditional oil bearing, the sliding friction and rolling friction mix, in the form of a ball bearing and an oil bearing to reduce the cost of double ball bearing. Set the advantages of oil bearing and double ball bearing, the disadvantage is that, after joining ball running noise is increased, but still less than double ball bearing. 4. Hydraulic bearing hydraulic bearing is modified on the basis of oil bearing. Hydraulic bearing adopts a unique ring oil supply loop, won't make oil, also reduces the cooling fan operation noise. Actually hydraulic bearing still essentially is a kind of oil bearing. But the improved, on the basis of inherited the advantages of oil bearing, also increased the service life of the cooling fan, can reach 40000 hours.
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