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Radiator cooling fan basic requirements

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling of the cooling fan what are some of the most basic requirements? You know, there are a lot of sourcing company manufacturers don't know much about the radiator cooling fan industry, don't know to choose radiator cooling fan to where to start. YiRongChuan technician with everybody understand the radiator cooling fan below some basic requirements: 1, automatic protection, automatic locking/start function, the cooling fan in the case of stuck or locked-rotor can automatically cut off the power and to protect electronic components, not hair and burn out equipment around 2, the purpose of FG function: the cooling fan with output pulse, high and low level signal, the customer according to the cooling fan square wave frequency discriminant speed can achieve the purpose of detecting cooling fan operation condition, 3 RD function: under the condition of the cooling fan is in operation for continuous low level, the cooling fan card dead or outside wall turning moment output high level, the customer according to detection the level 4, cooling fan alarm function is to achieve the function of TC: cooling fan according to the change of environmental temperature and rotational speed change, if the environment temperature and high air volume increase, if the environment temperature is to reduce the cooling fan to reduce or stop to to achieve the purpose of reduce consumption. 5, PWM function: the cooling fan according to external PWM duty cycle pulse width speed, its advantage lies in the speed control precision is simple, low cost advantage 6. Voltage control of motor speed, which is divided into two kinds, the first for the power supply voltage control, its easy operation but speed coarse ore, the second for the speed control voltage signal, through the narrow scope of voltage control cooling fan speed 7, dustproof, moisture, dust, to completely prevent dirt to enter, does not affect the normal operation of the electrical appliances, moistureproof prevent to the jet of water from all directions by mouth into the cooling fan and cause damage.
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