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Quiet fan and decibel level analogy

by:TOCH     2021-03-26

On the market, many businesses will launch silent products. What is a silent product? In fact, the definition standards of different industries are different, and the national standard is not clearly defined. The so-called silent and ultra-quiet of the merchants are generally corporate standards. set. However, in the national standard of 'Noise Limits for Household and Similar Electrical AppliancesThe limit is-decibels. Analyzed from the human body's perception, generally lower than decibels can be called silent, and lower than decibels can be called ultra-silent. For industries that do not have national standards, we generally use this as the standard. In a silent room with a background noise of dBA, our xxmm and xxmm cooling fans can achieve the lowest noise of dBA, which is lower than decibels. They can be called ultra-quiet fans. According to the classification standards of human perception, our company’s small and medium-sized fans Fans of different sizes can reach the silent fan level. The decibel level. For many people, the volume of decibels is a very abstract concept. Let’s introduce the volume above decibels by analogy: decibels cause death, the highest threshold defined by the European Union to cause complete hearing loss, decibels, the voice of the World Cup fans, the decibel rocket Transmitting sound in decibels of jet aircraft taking off, decibels staying in this environment for more than one minute will cause temporary deafness, decibels of propeller plane take-off sounds, rock concerts, decibels permanently damage hearing, decibels of air pressure drill sounds, compression hammer beats The sound of heavy objects The sound of noisy bar environment, the sound of electric saws sawing wood, the sound of decibels and below will not damage the hair cells in the cochlea, the sound of noisy offices, the highway on the highway, the upper limit of human ear comfort, the sound of street environment
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