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PWM temperature measuring principle

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
PWM temperature measuring principle

the simple principle of PWM intelligent temperature control fan, in which has the function of PWM motherboard in addition to the temperature of the original circuit, a PWM control chip, the function of it is according to the measured temperature measurement circuit, a different duty ratio of PWM pulse signals, the pulse is a kind of square wave, in a cycle, the square wave signals of the high level of time to sort out a cycle, the proportion of wenling chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing co. , LTD. , called the duty cycle, the cycle is high level signal, the duty ratio is 100%, whereas duty ratio is zero, the most simple PWM control circuit, the fan on the circuit board of a control circuit, we put the simple understanding for a triode, and one of them and PWM square wave pulse connection, if there is a high level on this level, the triode in addition the poles in the off state, if the square wave pulse signal of the duty ratio is 50%, namely high level signal accounts for half the time of one cycle, then the triode in the week period between half in conduction state, in a cycle through the triode conduction time length, the morning a cooling fan to fan speed control easily, so the speed of the fan can do a variety of levels
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