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【 Projector cooling fans 】 The characteristics of I, to understand you!

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Projector cooling fans 】 The characteristics of I, to understand you!
___________ blower as there is no friction impeller function in the body, do not need lubrication, exhaust gas is not oily. Is the ideal of chemical industry, food and other industrial pneumatic conveying gas source.
2. Fan blower operation volume. When used as the change of pressure, flow rate changes very little. But the flow changes with speed. Therefore, the choice of the pressure range is very wide, the choice of flow by selecting the rotational speed and to need.
3. The speed of the blower is higher, the rotor and clearance between rotor and rotor and the body is small, so less leakage, high volumetric efficiency.
4. The structure of the blower determine its mechanical friction loss is very small. Because only the bearings and gears have mechanical contact on select material, rotor, chassis and gear ring has enough mechanical strength. Safety operation and prolonged service life is the one big characteristic of blower products.
⒌ blower rotor, through static and dynamic balance test. Smooth operation, little vibration.

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