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Professional [Waterproof AC Fan] Principle Explanation

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
The waterproof AC fan is a general-purpose small waterproof AC fan mainly used for heat dissipation of electronic products. It is widely used in home appliance industry, machinery industry, manufacturing equipment industry and other products with ventilation and heat dissipation requirements. Compared with ordinary AC fans, it has a special waterproof function. The motor structure of this type of fan uses a cover-level motor, and the rotor and the impeller are fixed as a whole. The air duct is integrated with the positioning frame and the stator. This kind of structure is simple, easy to produce, and very convenient to install and use. u003cbru003eIf there are requirements related to DC cooling fans. u003cbru003eLet’s learn about the principle of waterproof AC fans today: waterproof AC fans use alternating current to provide power for them: single-phase AC motors have only one winding, and the rotor is squirrel-cage type with a special waterproof function. When a single-phase sinusoidal current passes through the stator windings, the motor will generate an alternating magnetic field. The strength and direction of this magnetic field change sinusoidally with time, but it is fixed in space, so this magnetic field is also called alternating pulsation magnetic field. This alternating pulsating magnetic field can be decomposed into two rotating magnetic fields with the same speed and opposite rotation directions. When the rotor is stationary, these two rotating magnetic fields produce two equal and opposite torques in the rotor, making the synthesis The torque is zero, so the motor cannot rotate. When we use external force to rotate the motor in a certain direction (such as clockwise rotation), then the movement of the cutting magnetic field lines between the rotor and the clockwise rotating magnetic field becomes smaller; the difference between the rotor and the counterclockwise rotating magnetic field The cutting magnetic field line movement becomes larger. In this way, the balance is broken, the total electromagnetic torque produced by the rotor will no longer be zero, and the rotor will rotate in the direction of pushing. u003cbru003eYou also have professional knowledge about waterproof AC fans, you can share with you!
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