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'Professional people do professional things' storage and maintenance methods for car cooling fans!

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
'Professional people do professional things' storage and maintenance methods for car cooling fans! u003cbru003e1. During the operation of the cooling fan, it is found that the fan has abnormal noise, the motor is severely heated, the shell is electrified, the switch is tripped, and it cannot be started. It should be shut down immediately for inspection. In order to ensure safety, it is not allowed to perform maintenance while the fan is running. After the maintenance, a trial run should be carried out for about five minutes to confirm that there is no abnormal phenomenon before starting the operation. u003cbru003e2. The fan can only be operated under normal conditions. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the capacity of the power supply facilities is sufficient, the voltage is stable, and the lack of phase operation is strictly prohibited. The power supply line must be a dedicated line and should not be used for long-term temporary power supply. u003cbru003e3. The cooling fan should always be kept tidy in the use environment, the surface of the fan should be kept clean, there should be no debris at the inlet and outlet, and the dust and other debris in the fan and pipeline should be cleaned regularly. u003cbru003e5. The cooling fan should be stored in a dry environment to prevent the motor from getting damp. When the cooling fan is stored in the open air, there should be defensive measures. During storage and handling, the cooling fan should be prevented from bumping to avoid damage to the fan. u003cbru003e4. Replenish or replace lubricating grease on the bearing from time to time according to the environmental conditions of use (the lubricating grease does not need to be replaced during the service life of the motor enclosed bearing), in order to ensure good lubrication of the cooling fan during operation, there are many refueling times Seal the bearings and motor bearings at 1000 hours/time, fill 1/3 of the inner and outer rings of the bearing with zl-3 lithium base lubricating grease, and it is strictly forbidden to run out of oil. u003cbru003e u003cbru003e u003cbru003e u003cbru003eRecommendation: Car cooling fan http:///products-detail.asp?cpidu003d123
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