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Professional manufacturer of cooling fan introduction to the principle of the cooling fan drum and its USES

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Drum the cooling fan is mainly composed of the following six parts: the drum motor, air filter, cooling fan, air chamber, the base of ontology, And fuel tank) , drip nozzle. Cooling fan drum run by cylinder offset in the rotor eccentricity, and between the blades of the rotor slot of volume change in air, compressed, spit out. Using the drum pressure difference of the cooling fan in the operation of automatic lubrication to drip nozzle, drop into the cylinder to reduce friction and noise, and can keep the gas inside the cylinder does not return, this kind of drum cooling fan is also called sliding-vane drum cooling fan. The principle of the cooling fan drum: 1 with the cooling fan roots and cooling fan is rated capacity type centrifugal cooling fan, transportation of exhaust air and speed ratio, every 3 leaf type centrifugal impeller rotating repeatedly carried out by two centrifugal impeller three suction, exhaust pipe, compared with 2, ovate, gas pulse less and less, the load change is small, high impact toughness, low noise, vibration is also small. Because centrifugal impeller uniform rotation in the opposite direction, with each other so that shell and centrifugal impeller bag around enough gas by sucked into from side to side. Each centrifugal impeller from beginning to end by synchronous gear to maintain the right place, not prone to touch each other, so can work efficiently, without internal RunHua, and simple structure, stable running, smooth features, blend in a variety of main use, has been applied in general industry. 2, axial drum axial cooling fan motor cooling fan motor principle and centrifugal cooling fan is similar, only gas reduction process, usually after a lot of work in centrifugal impeller ( Or how many) Under the effect of centrifugal force. When the motor rotating driving centrifugal impeller rotates, centrifugal impeller leaves in the middle of the gas also follow the rotation, and under the effect of centrifugal force shrugged off the gas, gas flow, the gas can convert mechanical energy to negative pressure in the liquid, then, with the increase of fluid mechanics, rate is to make the negative pressure can also transform, according to the gas from the outlet, in the middle produced centrifugal impeller has to air pressure, because the channel in air pressure, the external gas immediately add under the effect of atmospheric pressure, under continuous rotation effect in the centrifugal impeller discharged and add gas continuously, and more than that the aim of continuous air shower. Single stage high speed centrifugal cooling fan is working, by high speed rotation shaft to drive the impeller, axial airflow by imports after entering the high-speed rotating impeller into radial flow is accelerated, and then into the cavity expansion pressure, change flow direction and reduction, the reduction effect will be in the high speed rotating airflow with kinetic energy into pressure energy ( Potential energy) Stable pressure, the cooling fan exports. 3, rotary drum internal cooling fan rotary drum cooling fan on cylinder test run of motor rotor axial force, and makes the motor rotor slot in the capacity of 4 leaves shift gas inlet, narrow, spit it out. In the process of operation, the drum pressure difference of the cooling fan, used to transport oil to drip nozzle automatically and drop into the cylinder, in order to reduce friction and noise, at the same time prevent the reverse flow of the gases in the cylinder. Drum is that the aim of the cooling fan motor is accurate enough gas transport. Transport material is key to clean gas, clean gas, nitrogen dioxide and other gases. It must can cause and transport of other flammable, combustible and explosive, corrosion and harmful gas and unique. Used in metallurgical industry, chemical plants, decorative materials, organic fertilizer, oil, chemical, food, oil, mining, textile, LPG stations, powder conveying, wastewater treatment, etc. Each industrial sector. The purpose of the cooling fan drum: the cooling fan drum medium with clean air, clean gas, sulphur dioxide and other inert gases. Can also be on-demand production conveying inflammable, explosive, easy corrosion and other toxic and special gas. Chi automotive air conditioning is a set research and development, marketing and after-sales service in a body specialized cooling fan manufacturer. Tong chi since entering the field of the cooling fan, always adhere to the cooperation with aviation scientific research units, combining aviation technology and the cooling fan technology, established the company characteristic of science and technology enterprises. Tong chi persist in integrating the essence of the cooling fan equipment both at home and abroad, 'chi' brand, independent research and development into a complete product specifications, production strength, full of potential cooling fan manufacturer, is one of the important production base of domestic cooling fan.
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