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Processing radiator cooling fan noise need to pay attention to what details

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan speed is refers to the number of cooling fan blade rotation per minute, the unit is the RPM. Cooling fan speed by the motor coil number of turns, the number of working voltage, cooling fan blades, Angle and height, diameter and bearing system resolution. Not necessarily contact speed micro cooling fan quality. The speed of the cooling fan can pass inside the speed signal to stop measurement, can also be through external stop measurement. As the application situation and the change of environmental temperature, sometimes needs different speed cooling fan to meet the demand. Some vendors specifically designed to regulate the rotational speed of the cooling fan cooling cooling fan, move and break up two automatically. Mainly is to allow users to manually in winter with low speed, low noise, obtain good heat dissipation effect by using high speed up in summer. Class automatically temperature radiator with a temperature sensor, can according to the current working temperature automatic control of the cooling fan speed, temperature is high progress speed, low temperature decreasing speed, in order to reach a dynamic equilibrium, thus let the wind noise and cooling effect in insisted that a better separation point. The cooling fan noise, except for heat dissipation effect in the cooling fan noise is also widespread concern. The cooling fan noise is the size of the cooling fan is working to produce noise, affected by various factors, the unit is decibels ( dB) 。 Measurement of the cooling fan noise requirements in the sound attenuation of noise is less than 17 db room stops, the interval of the cooling fan A metre, and along the direction of the cooling fan shaft alignment cooling fan inlet, stop measurement using A weighted way. Spectrum characteristics of cooling fan noise is also very important, so demand also use spectrometer records the cooling fan noise frequency spreading condition, general requests the cooling fan noise to small, and can't exist different sounds. The cooling fan noise associated with friction, air activities. Cooling fan speed is higher, the air volume, the greater the noise will be formed, the greater the additional cooling fan itself the essence of the vibration is also cannot be ignored. Vibrations will, of course, the quality of the cooling fan of itself is very small, but the two in front of the person is hard to control. To deal with this problem, we can try to use big size of the cooling fan. Should be in the air under the same condition, the cooling fan works in low speed when the noise is smaller than small cooling fan noise at high speed work.
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