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Pressure cooling fan engine turbo principle and the advantages and disadvantages

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Interested in car's friends know, per the interior of the car will be equipped with a vehicle turbocharger, mainly used for super-charging the sports car, let the car driving up more quickly, then you know the car's internal supercharger turbo cooling fan and how to work? How can it make more horsepower, sports cars drive sports car going? - below is pressurized by possessing the cooling fan manufacturer Wen ling chi automotive air conditioning technician to explain the principle and its advantages and disadvantages: automotive turbochargers, both ends of each have an impeller, intake and exhaust impeller impeller, two impellers are connected by a shaft. Exhaust impeller is the first period of unicom, with the engine exhaust engine work in the back of the exhaust gas of high temperature and high pressure blown gas makes its high-speed rotating impeller, rotation of exhaust gas by a shaft to drive the air inlet, impeller impeller inlet impeller is connected to the engine intake pipe, high-speed rotating inlet impeller to help the engine take in more air. So the compression of the turbocharger is the air, so that you can than a naturally aspirated engine condition in more air, without any equivalent to expand the capacity of the cylinder goes into more naturally aspirated engines with inspiratory capacity, engine working at the same time need more fuel injection mixed with air combustion. This makes small displacement engine can get large displacement engine output. Because the more air inhalation and injection more fuel, turbocharged engine in cylinder pressure and temperature is higher than the naturally aspirated engine, sometimes much higher. The advantages of the pressure of the cooling fan engine is the same power output, the engine can be smaller volume and weight, whether it is a compact suv or super sports car, this is very meaningful. To better fuel economy, turbo engine combustion efficiency higher, in the pursuit of low carbon era, many contestants are pushing turbocharged. Weakness: the work of revolution, the impeller is quality, promote it requires a certain amount of exhaust gas, engine to a revolution is needed to make the turbine work. In the family car is generally low pressure turbine, the turbine is small, and the use of new materials. The impeller is lighter, the engine can make turbine start at low RPM. Followed by the revolutions of the turbine is high, and work in high temperature and high pressure environment and require greater maintenance and the correct driving habits. Above is the turbo cooling fan motor working principle and its advantages and disadvantages, thanks for sharing, sports car internal pressurization of the cooling fan material and quality of its performance also plays a more important influence, so choose a good supercharged cooling fan also is very be necessary, wen ling chi car air conditioning is the development and manufacture specializing in the production of radiator cooling fan, turbo cooling fan, peng dc cooling fan manufacturers, first-class quality and service, welcome to come to consult the choose and buy.
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