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Power supply cooling cooling fan maintenance

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Car number use time is too long, often can appear backlog of dust, cooling fan is short of oil, auto cooling fan rotation condition, such as difficult or halt heat does not reach the designated position, thus causes car interior car trouble frequently. So in daily life, we need the car maintenance and maintenance, so can reduce the probability of failure vehicle, then here by possessing a car radiator fan manufacturer 【 Chi automotive air conditioning 】 Teach you some daily maintenance and maintenance method. The main two car maintenance is dust and gas, power supply, the most close to the chassis at the back of the cooling hole position, and because of its internal space is narrow, so the power radiator cooling fan the backlog of dust is far far more than its radiator cooling fan, want to maintain, first we have to take apart the power first, power on the back of the chassis is composed of four fixed screw locking, and its top there will be a manufacturer of a label seal openings, the stick is used to tell you whether the switching power supply is still in the warranty period, this is the need to pay attention to, at this time, we just need to cross the plum blossom and dismantling screw, open the chassis, and then remove the power supply cooling cooling fan, the power of the same radiator cooling fan installed in the power supply is composed of four fixed screw on the right side of the outlet. Remove the power supply after the radiator cooling fan, we will find the power within the dusty, then we're going to use cleaning tools 'peng fan', of course, if no peng fan can also find a hair dryer or other instead. But must pay attention to the thing is not to get too close together, in order to avoid too much and it snapped the power cord. After blowing, the second is to use small hair brush making tiny light dust, once again to make sure that the cooling fan to clean. Finally, add the lubricating oil to the cooling fan is, look at the center of the cooling fan will have a business of small labels, the label is used to prevent dust from entering the bearing, as long as gently peel off label we can see the situation of the bearing, could have inside the foreign body or dust, and then we need to use cloth or paper towel to wipe clean, then find oil suction apparatus to drop a few drops of oil, if not, also can sewing oil and watches, don't add too much, it is important to note in rabbit overflow. Left is the label posted back, casing screw back in screw, afterward, electricity under test, if everything turns to normal, with respect to OK. Above is the vehicle power supply cooling fan of daily maintenance and maintenance methods, hope to help, thank you for your sharing at the same time, the more heat radiator fan knowledge can focus on our 'YiRongChuan'. Our company is specialized in the research and development production radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, dc cooling fan, dc cooling fan peng brand businesses, more than a decade of Taiwan enterprise research and development experience, free proofing directly, but the sample in two days, the radiator cooling fan industry leader in the quality excellent, if there is demand, welcome everybody to come to consult.
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