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Possessing radiator cooling fan - brand manufacturer Dc cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Wenling city chi automotive air conditioning technology co. , LTD was founded in 2002 in wen ling, is a professional research and development, production with many years experience, excellent heat dissipation products company. Production by dc cooling fans, ac cooling fan, centrifugal blower, waterproof/dustproof dc cooling fan, EC conversion and the cooling fan, brushless motor, etc. , has been widely used in: communications equipment, filter industry, UPS power supply, medical equipment, automotive industry, security products, industrial control equipment, instruments and meters, sports equipment and so on more than 60 industry field. Dc cooling fan product parameters: product size: 20 * 20 * 10 mm working voltage: 5 v - Material: 48 v fan and fan box PBT ( 94 v - 0) Bearing, oil bearing, ball bearing, hydraulic bearing function: FG, RD, PWM control, temperature control, lock protection of dc cooling fan product parameters: type of rated voltage starting voltage rated current speed airflow packaging weight function VDCVDCARPMCFMmmh2OdbApcs/ctngramYRD201OL53 wind noise. 50. 1390000. 621. 96215006 fg RDYRD201OM0。 21120000. 852. 2825 yrd201oh0。 30180001. 245. 2429YRD201OL1260. 0790000. 621. 9621 yrd201om0。 10120000. 852. 2825 yrd201oh0。 15180001. 245. 2429 samples of dc cooling fan graph: more related product pictures and data, please pay attention to our company's official website: chi automotive air conditioning co. , LTD. In order to 'talent for this, the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation, common prosperity' as the principle, for new and old customers to provide quality products and services. Sincerely hope to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life to create a better tomorrow!
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