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Performance of radiator cooling fan comparative way

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
We all know that a cooling fan air flow & amp; Air pressure is high and low, the main factors to heat dissipation performance is often a cooling fan shaped specifications to determine down, cooling fan features the key requirement is that air volume & amp; Air pressure, is by no means the fan speed, usually people will misunderstand this emphasis, began to use A manufacturer of cooling fan speed is 2400 RPM, as long as the cooling fan manufacturer B for 2400 RPM, is completely wrong to do so. As A manufacturer of cooling fan speed is 8000 RPM, 4028 air volume of 30 CFM, wind pressure for 15 mmho2, rated current is zero. 16 a, noise is 30 db; The manufacturer B 4028 cooling fan speed is 7500 RPM air volume is 32 CFM, wind pressure is 15. 6 mmho2, rated current is zero. 14 a, noise is 30 db; From the point of value, the parameters of the manufacturer will B better than A manufacturer, and manufacturer B 7500 RPM fan can completely with the manufacturer A 8000 RPM cooling fan substitute ( Other quality consistently) if , so we choose the speed of the fan is not watching a cooling fan, but the air volume & amp; Wind pressure.

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