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Part of the working principle of car electronic fan

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Related Principles of Automobile Electronic Fans Automobile electronic fans play an irreplaceable role in the normal driving of cars. Therefore, you must have a certain understanding of the maintenance concepts of electronic fans, which is not only convenient for your daily inspections, but also for general failures. Exclusion is also very helpful. I mentioned part of the working principle of the electronic fan. For more knowledge in this area, let's get to know it next. Speaking of the condenser and water tank of the air conditioner, because these two components are next to each other, the condenser should also be taken into consideration when the electronic fan cools down the water tank. Although the air conditioner is a relatively independent system in the entire car, it is also a source of heat dissipation. Therefore, the opening and closing of the air conditioner will also affect the working conditions of the electronic fan. If this is not considered in the related concept of the electronic fan If one piece is used, it will also affect the later inspection and maintenance work. When the electronic fan needs to work, there will be a special thermal switch to transmit the relevant heat dissipation signal to the relevant unit that controls the operation of the electronic fan, and different starting speeds will be selected according to different heat dissipation needs, so that the entire electronic fan is Can be well coordinated to carry out related heat dissipation work. Automobile electronic fan manufacturers In addition, the electronic fan also realizes the different high and low speeds required for actual work by connecting the resistors in series, so as to better perform the heat dissipation work for the gas car.
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