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Ordinary car fan installation process

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Ordinary car fan is installed in the front, the cold air had inhaled blown over to the main board, finally through the power supply fan, constitute the convection. Think the best air activity direction problem, the best plan is to install a fan before and after each, spread into a diagonal direction, and then the car was good heat dissipation effect. Car fans at the front of blowing, the back of the fan to blow out. Constitute the convection CPU, video card, hard disk, cd-rom, chipset, occurrence and other chip on the card by hour in heating the air inside the car, if not the hot gas discharge outside the box, will seriously affect the heat dissipation of different parts, affecting the service life of car use. Measured to indicate, the car fan than no cars are cars, 5 ~ 10 ℃, lower the temperature in the cabinet can significantly improve the parts and electrical components in the work environment. Ordinary cars, there are two central can pack fan at the front of the ordinary in the hard drive bracket, behind the ordinary below the power supply, keyboard above the mouth. Higher sale car factory has installed 1 ~ 2 fans. When the car fan, the device should follow the principle of air activities. If the fan after marching out of gear, so car after their internal wind road was very rules; If the fan unit upside down, before the last in the travel or junior, because of the fan is out of the wind power, will form the wind road disorders. When only one car fan device, we look for hard disk cooling or whole cooling, depending on your cooling demand. Many car factory to send the fan is acquiescence in behind the fan position, and convulsions, it is reasonable.
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