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【 Optimal zhi, axial flow fan 】 It is such 'blow'.

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Optimal zhi, axial flow fan 】 Turned out to be such & lsquo; Blowing & rsquo; .
when the impeller rotates, of gas from the air inlet axial impeller, the impeller blade push on and make the gas energy increases, and then into the guide vane. Guide vane will deflect airflow into the axial flow, at the same time, import the gas diffusion tube, can further converts kinetic energy of gas pressure, zui introduced after working line.
best zhi, axial flow fan blades similar way of working with the plane's wings. However, the latter is applied to wing will lift up and support the weight of the plane to the optimal zhi, axial flow fan is fixed position and make the air move.
best zhi, the cross section axial flow fan, as a general rule, be airfoil section. Leaf blade can be fixed position, also can revolve around its longitudinal axis. The Angle of the blade and airflow or can not adjust or adjustable blade spacing. Change the blade Angle or spacing is one of the main advantages of axial fan. Small blade pitch Angle to generate low traffic, while increasing spacing can produce high traffic.

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