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On cooling fan bearing and oil bearing what is the difference?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Usually a cooling fan bearing reliability will directly affect the length of the service life of the cooling fan. And a cooling fan bearing common have two kinds of ball bearing and oil bearing, is applied to a wide range of on the market at present. Although often use a cooling fan, but still there are a lot of people still don't understand the difference between the cooling fan ball bearing and oil bearing is what?

ball bearing is through metal ball rolling, belong to rolling friction, contact surface is small, the friction coefficient is small. And oil bearing for sliding friction, contact area is large, time grows, the oil will quickly evaporate, easy to make excessive bearing wear, increase the coefficient of friction, the noise will be getting larger, with more and more short service life.

ball bearing fan usually need two bearings, ball bearings, or with oil bearing components, and double ball bearing is more advanced than single ball. Generally in the same environment situation oil bearing life of 25000 hours, general single ball bearing for 30000 hours, the double ball bearings for more than 50000 hours.

the cooling fan of oil bearing is composed of copper base powder sintering, you need to add lubricating oil to reduce number of sliding friction, if the fan to work long hours but I do not add lubricating oil, can make bearing inner oil volatilization and dry, increase friction, fan operation is not smooth, there will be a slow speed or not turn phenomenon. And ball bearing is by rolling friction instead of sliding friction, small friction coefficient and the coefficient of friction is easy to become disadvantages, thus running stability is strong, relatively is much longer service life.

on cooling fan bearing and what is the difference between the oil bearing, share here today. A cooling fan used form of bearing is very important, usually high-speed fan shall use ball bearings, and low speed fan is used cheap oil bearing.
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