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Oil should be how to deal with a cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In the use of the cooling fan, its bearing need regular maintenance, many people have found, however, on the cooling fan, often appear the phenomenon of oil, for this problem, small make up with the way in which to find problems and their solutions:
1, if it's the untight seal of oil pipe line interface, bearing box prone to the part of the oil leakage is the shaft seal. So because of a cooling fan shaft seal o-rings and skeleton oil seal long-term wear, aging and repair improper assembly technology, can appear such circumstance,
2, if bearing box lubricating oil is too high, generally, when the normal operation of the lubricating oil pressure of 0. 3 mpa, flow slightly bigger than the 3 l/min, since the bearing box on the top on both sides of the oil, lubricating oil bearing equips with oil ring, flow through oil throttle control. So is the oil flow rate on the high side, by the high speed of the rotor and the impact of high oil temperature rise, cause necessarily qualified high oil level is lower than the actual oil level of bearing box, resulting in leakage of oil seal. Moreover, lube oil pressure is too large will cause the shaft seal leakage.
3, if the lubricating oil is unqualified. Oil testing regularly, so some not according to stipulations in granularity overweight cause rubber seal wear and tear, or lubricating oil containing moisture, cause the servo valve rust, damage, resulting in leakage;
4, if it is a hydraulic cylinder oil, cooling fan hydraulic cylinder, untight seal clearance is too large, or levels in combination with lax will produce hydraulic cylinder oil leak problem, so sealed by hydraulic cylinder, you can avoid this kind of problem.
I believe you, through the above understanding, to be able to better solve the problem of cooling fan oil spill!

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