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Oil radiator cooling fan in the oil and left what reason be?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
You may encounter when using a cooling fan fan oil and dumped oil phenomenon, not only affect the normal use of the cooling fan, will cause pollution to environment, also affect the aesthetic of the fan. Then the cooling fan is what is the cause of the oil spill and left? Follow industrial equipment cooling fans to know about the below: 1, the bearing problem: some cooling fans used in oil bearing itself has porous, this kind of bearing with long time, the oil in the bearing sleeve is easy to leak out noise also increase, and pollution and other accessories, bearing is easy to wear and short service life. Industrial equipment cooling fan 2. Lubricating oil problem: cooling fans appear to jilt oil spill, the main reason is that lubricating oil to add too much, led to a spill. In addition if you use the lubricating oil is too low, the quality is bad, low viscosity, easy oil phenomenon when the fan running. 3, seal cooling fan block is often a sealed label, to prevent oil spill. After the tear off label add lubricating oil, therefore, not stick labels to good, or a label viscosity is not enough, it may lead to a cooling fan to jilt oil spill occurs. Chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing professional sales: frequency converter cooling fan, medical machinery and equipment cooling fan, communications equipment cooling fan, industrial equipment cooling fans, intelligent equipment cooling fan chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing technology co. , LTD. Sales: / tong chi cooling fan / / / / / / / / / / / / / big brands high cooling fans. Welcome to inquire, hotline:.
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