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New product development, how to quickly choose a suitable cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
In the fierce market competition, all industries are working hard to quickly develop their own creative products. For the choice of cooling fans, if you can quickly and accurately find a suitable cooling fan, you can directly find the manufacturer, because the manufacturer does not make inventory, and the customized sample is quick. It takes three or two days, or one or two months if it is slow, and for original products, it is almost impossible to make a sample just right when choosing a cooling fan. So what to do? Find an agent, find a retailer, spend some time searching, and you can find the corresponding specifications, but you are worried about the subsequent delivery and quality problems. The quicker way is to find it in the retail market first. Try the size, parameters, and buy a few more. In this way, the external dimensions of the fan can be confirmed, whether the air volume of the cooling fan needs to be larger, or to be quieter, and the length of the line to be designed and other parameters. Once the measured samples have a basis, and then find the manufacturer to improve and customize the current samples, you can fit the specifications and parameters of the product. When producing large goods, there are also detailed specifications, and there will be no mistakes.
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