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Mute trilogy - Let the car radiator fan noise to shut up

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Along with the progress of the era of electronic science and technology, the table cars has been gradually replaced by cars, not only than desktop car more convenient to carry, the characteristics of small size, and the cooling fan noise is much lower. Nowadays car lovers not only pursue the high configuration of extreme experience, but also value the size of the vehicle noise, although we can't eliminate noise, but we can make the car more quiet, so, here are - by the possessing mute the cooling fan manufacturer Tong chi automotive air conditioning teach you some ways to make noise to shut up, let the life more quiet. Automobile noise is mainly caused by the following several parts: drive rotation noise; Power supply cooling fan, cooling fan cooling fan, chassis cooling fan, graphics card cooling fan noise; Resonant voice to effectively reduce the vehicle noise, using a separate mute power or mute cooling fan cooling fan, and often can not achieve good effect, need from each noise source, can fundamentally solve the problem. Cooling fan noise eliminating power cooling fan and cooling fan cooling fan noise is the main noise source. Power supply cooling fan noise problem is easier to solve, choose a quiet power supply is ok. The first step, the power supply cooling fan noise power supply cooling fan noise reduction methods in general is to reduce the cooling fan speed, and the cooling fan cooling fan if reduce the speed, is bound to affect the cooling fan cooling, so the cooling fan noise reduction method mainly lies in the bearing lubrication and structure design of blades. Due to the high speed cooling fan cooling fan, cooling fan cooling fan noise value to mute the power level still have some difficulties, but we still try to choose the cooling fan with mute function. Myself, of course, add the cooling fan bearing lubricating oil is also a good way. The second step, graphics card cooling fan and cooling fan noise reduction chassis cooling fan noise is relatively small, but too much chassis cooling fan installed in the chassis, also can increase the car noise. As little as possible to install the cooling fan is an effective method for noise reduction, but for those who must install multiple car chassis cooling fan, can choose a few large diameter low speed chassis cooling fan. The third step, the noise of the hard disks floppy noise reduction drive question is usually difficult to solve, the noise of some optical drive and even reached alarming proportions, like DVD - installed ROM Utilities software, the use of the drive, mainly to watch DVD, effectively reduce the optical drive noise, perhaps use less as far as possible need not drive or optical drive. Above is auto cooling fan noise mute some of the ways, hope can help to you, wen ling chi car air conditioning is professional development and production of radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, fan of dc cooling fan peng brand merchants, free proofing, directly or indirectly from two days out of the sample, dc cooling fan, complete specifications, welcome everybody to come to consult. 。
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