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【 Mute the cooling fan 】 Why so sought

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In this hot summer, especially at noon time, the weather is hot, always want to in the lunch break blowing air conditioning cooling fan, a good cool, have a beautiful afternoon nap, but sometimes the cooling fan noise is the most annoying, always noisy can't quiet to enter a dormant state. Nowadays, with the development of electronic science and technology industry, radiator cooling fan manufacturer to have a research and development to produce a mute the cooling fan, it is not only small, easy to use and will not affect the People's Daily rest and work. So why is the cooling fan is so good, so here are possessing mute - cooling fan manufacturer by us YiRongChuan - With you about mute the cooling fan, such as some of the more popular. Mute the cooling fan in most case, it is used in automobile electronic products, such as computers, the cooling system. Often look mute cooling fan and the general cooling fan and there is not much difference, in fact they are different, look carefully. Will find quiet cooling fan blades are different from ordinary heat dissipation fan blade. Common cooling fan of the three blades usually petal shaped distribution, three blades is not in the same level. And mute the cooling fan blade more than three pieces, and at the same level, such a design, can make the blade cutting air greatly abate, collisions with air greatly decreases, and in that case, air and blade strong noise generated by the collision will greatly abate, barely hear. Mute the cooling fan was able to produce the result that quiet, quiet cooling fan on select material than normal cooling fan. Common heat dissipation fan blade is the plastic material is generally used the thermal conductivity of poor material, and mute the cooling fan is choose copper iron material with better thermal properties, etc. At the time of cooling fan at high speed, blade will shake, because of the heat noises. And mute the cooling fan effectively improved the shortage, it adopts some strong heat dissipation performance of thermal conductivity of materials, so, even if the cooling fan at high speed, its blade is not sharp because of the heat. Stable rotation, makes mute mute performance further enhance the cooling fan. Second, is the mute the cooling fan is often adopt intelligent control technology. Electric cooling fan speed is not constant, it is gradually accelerated. Everyone in the use of common cooling fan, will find that the cooling fan has just started to use when the noise is not very big, but after working for a period of time, it will gradually strong noise. This is because the general cooling fan speed control, go faster and faster, until you reach the cooling fan speed limit. And mute the cooling fan has only the function of the speed, it to the cooling fan speed control within a range, make the cooling fan will continue in a certain range of speed constant work, avoided because of the high speed movement of the noise and vibration. Above is mute the characteristics of the cooling fan, the hope can let everybody to mute the cooling fan with more understanding, at the same time, if has the need to purchase the cooling of the cooling fan, can focus on our 'YiRongChuan' electronic, quality is excellent, inline public praise, is worth relying on.
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