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Mute the cooling fan is briefly

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
According to different features of the function of the cooling fan, cooling fan can be divided into low noise, large air cooling fan, water cooling fan, mute the cooling fan and so on. Use place is different, all the function of the demand is different also, other cooling fan in the understanding of harmony, as to what is mute the cooling fan, it have what special, many friends will ask, quiet quiet cooling fan really can do it, don't have any sound? For this these problems, the following is by possessing the cooling fan manufacturer Tong chi car air conditioning cooling fan technical staff to answer for you: mute the cooling fan is mainly used in household appliances, electrical equipment of environment is quiet. It is rotates the advantages of less noise than the similar cooling fan and a more stable, by reducing vibration, reducing speed, optimization of the cooling fan motor, such as processing make mute, the effect of main components; Bearing, speed, and the blades. Mute the cooling fan works: 1. The choice of its thermal conductive materials copper contact and heat conducting tube is better than that of the aluminum alloy. 2. The overall structure of the damping effect. Intelligent temperature control mute module was adopted in order to realize the effective control of the cooling fan speed, the cooling fan speed control range, to ensure that the cooling fan low speed running, combined with suspension design, the maximum to avoid the vibration noise, thus greatly improve the condition of the cooling fan noise. As they say, of course, a little voice all have no, that's impossible. At the very least fan leaves turn, sleeping of time should be able to hear, like the sound of a can. Above is a brief introduction some knowledge of the mute the cooling fan, the hope can help you, we wen ling chi car air conditioning, is a professional manufacture radiator cooling fan, dc cooling fan, dc peng fan manufacturers, excellent quality, first-class service, the industry well-known brands, welcome each big buyers to purchase consultation:
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