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Moistureproof cooling fan and bearing Jane's 'sweet nothings'

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In traditional industrial production, each different devices may be used to, and we know them, from all aspects to understand! Take moisture cooling fans, for instance, we mainly to dissect it today!

the traditional moisture cooling fans in the design of the motor, rotor blades ( Rotor) Through the shaft core through the oil-retaining bearing, and then through a pin joint fixed in the center position of the motor stator, make maintain an appropriate gap between rotor and stator. Core shaft and bearing, of course, also be sure to have a gap between the existence of, don't lock shaft core die not; And make the whole weight of the rotor blades is located on the ball bearing, and by spring indirect top bracing, so it can be used in different direction, Angle of portable products, but still to prevent falling, in order to avoid the ball bearing is damaged, and cause the noise generation and the service life of the impairment. So the bearing as a moisture cooling fan accessories, it also determines the moistureproof the use of a cooling fan performance.
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