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Miniature radiator cooling fan can adjust speed?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Nowadays micro heat cooling fan used in many fields, doing the dusting and cooling to prolonging the service life of the equipment. Some customers when choosing miniature radiator cooling fan, will consider to micro cooling fan using the environment, the low temperature does not need to heat dissipation, hope the cooling fan doesn't work, or the cooling fan speed slower. In the purpose of cooling and reduce power consumption. So tiny radiator cooling fan can adjust speed? The following YiRongChuan technician to explain. 1, ordinary miniature radiator cooling fan, if not treated with special design, the cooling fan is not according to the environment temperature to adjust temperature, because of miniature radiator cooling fan motor is fixed, as long as the voltage constant, the power of the cooling fan, cooling fan speed is much. 2, if the micro thermal cooling fan voltage change, can change the cooling fan power, thus will affect the heat dissipation of the cooling fan speed. But the heat dissipation of the cooling fan voltage can't change, only to adjust, because if the voltage is too high, can cause the cooling cooling fan too much electricity, drive IC current is too large, the temperature rising radiator cooling fan was burn out. 3, inside the miniature radiator cooling fan motor series a temperature resistance, higher or lower when the temperature changes, temperature resistance will also change accordingly, make with its micro cooling fan motor series resistance changes, so that the miniature radiator cooling fan speed changing. 4, using the PWM function of miniature radiator cooling fan, changes in ambient temperature, the PWM set motherboard will be affected by the temperature of the earth through the send a message to the cooling fan, changing the PWM duty cycle, micro cooling fan will be compared with the size of the rotational speed of a linear change.
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