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Miniature heat radiator manufacturer to teach you how to choose and buy of small dc cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Micro cooling fan manufacturer to know the current market there are a lot of brand of a cooling fan, choose a dc cooling fans for their equipment is also very important. Micro cooling fan manufacturers think in current cooling technology, the fans of auxiliary cooling function with the improvement of precision instrument is more and more important. So choose a good cooling fan for instrument is very important. So how do you choose in the vast market a good cooling fan? Let micro cooling fan manufacturer small make up to tell you!

  1. Choose from the brand, the micro cooling fan factory tell you choose brand good fan means choose quality, so it is important to ensure the quality of the dc fan.

  2. Choose from the appearance, look from the outer surface should be overall thick, color is pure, Especially black, with the color of the fan is not important) , at the edge of the box leaves no burrs, see the thickness of the blades ( Thin is very important because it's too easy to break) , with the hand knead frame without too much deformation.

  3. Bearing selection, micro cooling fan manufacturer to tell you because the bearing is divided into two kinds of ball bearings and oil bearing.
ball bearing service life is long, the noise is small, but the price is very expensive. The service life of oil bearing a third shorter than ball bearings, in use after a period of time may be some noise ( More than one year) , but the price is cheap. Know more than we can choose after, but the micro cooling fan manufacturer to tell you that if some ball fan price and oil price is the same as the fan, explain the ball bearing for old or out products don't buy. With each manufacturer of pushing the new bearing ( In addition to the clear oil bearing) Life won't have more than ball bearings, but also in the later use have noise.

  4. Then choose fan operation, let the fan running after

a. Caught with the hand fans feel it vibrate, and different point of view, the feeling is the same for the cause that the vibration of the fan is very good, if there are vibrations, may produce a total shock, in case some people before a loud sound when the phone is switched on mainly fan starts shaking.

  b. Should only hear the wind, Some high speed may have electromagnetic acoustic) , if there are other voice shows its quality is not very good. If the dc fan speed is not very high as 7 cm fan speed does not exceed 3500 RPM, but the wind that the poor quality of the fan.

  c. With his hand to stop the fan rotation ( Don't put the blade broken) A minute or so, miniature cooling fan manufacturer told you feel with the hand to touch the center of the blades its temperature, if the high temperature is not qualified to prevent fan in the die was burned down and cause a fire.
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